Why Bisend.com Is the Best Choice for Hosting an ASP.NET Blog?


As a web hosting provider focusing on ASP.NET hosting and dedicated to offer customers best hosting experience, we are happy to see that many professional review sites rewarded us as the best ASP.NET blog hosting for our affordability, usability and reliability. However, there are still some people don’t know much about us and wonder why we are the best choice for hosting an ASP.NET blog.

To figure it out, we worked out this article to introduce our company and services. Now go on reading and get to know the details.


Why Host4ASP.NET Is the Best Hosting an ASP.NET Blog 1For most bloggers, high costs of hosting service may be the biggest barrier stopping them from hosting a personal website. In order to help them widely get high-quality ASP.NET hosting service, we give a considerable discount to our service, which is billed at $4.95/mo originally and only costs customers $2.95 per month now.

In addition to the affordable price, we also provide 30-day money back guarantee, namely customers are able to cancel their accounts and ask for a refund if they are not satisfied with our service within the first 30 days.


To offer all possibilities to our customers, we integrate our every hosting plan with the rich features, such as unlimited data transfer, instant account activation, latest Microsoft technology and easy-to-use WebSitePanel with 1-click installer.

The most noteworthy is that with WebSitePanel, webmasters are able to develop their sites easily. The management of sites, domains, files, databases and mails is all included in this simple and clean control panel, which saves bloggers lots of time and energy. what’s more, 1-click installer of many useful applications is also a flashpoint of the WebSitePanel. For bloggers, they are able to use the 1-click installer to install BlogEngine.NET, DasBlog or other blogging platforms by just clicking their mice several times.

Reliability & performance

Biend.com guarantees 99.99% uptime and high loading speed. To achieve what we have promised, we use 100% DELL servers with RAID 5 with SSD, Dual processors, BGP connections, 32GB+ RAM and redundant power system and equip our data centers with UPS, which keeps supplying servers with ventilation, air condition, lighting and heating.

At the same time, we take advantage of multi-layer network service, maximum bandwidth and more other top-of-the-line technologies to make sure visitors get extremely fast speed to access the hosted sites.

Customer Service

After a lot of hard working, we can say proudly that our customer service team is very responsive and professional. All of the team members are well trained and experienced. They work 24×7 to offer customers assistant via live chat, email and ticket system. Therefore, no matter when customers experience any issue, our staffs will respond them immediately and try the best to work out the issue.

Besides, we invested enormous efforts on our knowledgebase. To ensure our customers are able to access to the latest technical information and learn practical skills, we update tutorials every couple of days in our official

Why Host4ASP.NET Is the Best Hosting an ASP.NET Blog 2

blog, hoping that customers not just use the hosting service we offer, but grow together with us as well.


Based on the above points, we believe our readers have had a clear impression about our company and known why we are the best choice for hosting an ASP.NET blog. With our affordable price, powerful features, fast speed and prompt customer service, site owners are able to focus on their blogging and leave the technical concerns with us. Therefore, if you are going to host a blog site with a reliable, robust and affordable hosting provider, Bisend.com is definitely your first option.