Secure Customer Data & Payments with Comodo SSL Certificate


An SSL certificate can help reduce your risk by making sure the safety of sensitive data collected on your website. Along with top-of-the-line encryption, you will be backed by an extensive warranty valued up to millions of dollars.

At the same time, an SSL certificate helps increase customer confidence in your website as well as drives more sales by displaying HTTPS in the address bar, in addition to a seal of trust. Moreover, it boosts Google rankings as the search engine giant has confirmed that SSL security has a positive effect on its rankings.

Recently, Bisend, as an innovative, responsible ASP.NET hosting provider, has updated our IIS SSL certificate service. We currently offer four SSL certificates from Comodo, which, we believe, can be a real benefit to your blog, website, business or e-commerce site. There’s nothing to worry about website security any more. All the Comodo SSL certificates have been tried and tested to protect your emails, logins, downloads, and more from hackers all around the world, while being compatible with all the major browsers and devices.

Why Choose Comodo SSL Certificate?

There are many reasons why you need to consider an SSL certificate from Comodo for securing a new website or replacing your existing certificate. Here we list several repeatedly mentioned ones for your reference.

#1 Trust Provider

Comodo has been one of the largest Certificate Authorities (CAs) in the world. This is a huge appeal to beginners because, from one perspective, it means Comodo has a top infrastructure. In the way of leading web security and trust, Comodo has been constantly working hard to thwart any cyberattacks that are out to breach, phish or hack their way into your customer’s data.

Affordable Pricing

People are usually surprised with the competitive pricing of Comodo SSL certificates. The company is proving small to large businesses with differently priced SSL certificate solution that come with a different security level.

If your customers have top confidence in the security and trustworthiness of the website, you can purchase a Comodo EV SSL certificate, which offers the solid green address bar including the name of the CA and information about your company. Your customers will know that you’re making use of the most advanced security possible to ensure safe transmission of information from and to your website.

Besides EV SSL, Comodo has cost-effective DV and OV SSL for small to medium-sized businesses. Don’t worry about security. These solutions operate using a 2048-bit signature key with strength up to 256-bit, alongside 99.9% browser and device recognition.

Quality Customer Service

Comodo makes it a point to have a customer service focus. The company ensures every customer of Comodo SSL can get efficiently, friendly technical support and help through live chat, ticketing system or telephone.

Meanwhile, Comodo has an extensive resource section, including Comodo forums, helpful guides, industry-specific resource articles, and the Knowledgebase. Customers can search for answers to their problems when they think they are simple and can be solved by themselves.

Which Comodo SSL Certificate Do You Need?

No matter you’re a customer of our shared ASP.NET hosting or Windows VPS hosting, regardless of the purpose of your website, you can find the most suitable Comodo SSL certificate at Bisend.

As you can see, there are four Comodo SSL certificates available, including Comodo Positive SSL, Comodo SSL, Comodo EV SSL, and Comodo Wildcard SSL. As we’ve mentioned in our previous article—what type of SSL certificate do I need?, for a small to medium-sized website with a concern for security for transactions, a Comodo Positive SSL or Comodo SSL certificate can be a perfect option. They both are very reasonably priced solutions that features a very fast domain validation. The installation is also very simple. Within minutes, you can have it installed on your website to start protecting your website data.

As to Comodo EV SSL, it is recognized across the web by the green text in the address bar of the website, therefore your customers will know you’re providing the highest level of protection for their transactions. More than that, you can have the TrustLogo site seal. Given that, if you’re running a high traffic e-commerce site, managing a government site, or other sites transmitting data, email, documents, or login information regularly, using Comodo EV SSL can help prevent phishing and spoofing of your website.

Comodo wildcard SSL allows for one installation to protect the domain and all subdomains, simplifying the management of the certificate across all sites while preventing issues with lapsed certificates that can cause real consumer trust issues in a very short period of time. So, if you’re looking for a cost effective way to provide excellent security and protection for your main domain and all subdomains at the same time, go with Comodo wildcard SSL certificate. To make it affordable for most individuals and businesses, we set the starting price at $193 per year. Importantly, we take care of the installation process so you don’t need to worry about any issues with an SSL certificate lapse.

If you still confused about which Comodo SSL certificate is the best match for your requirements, don’t mind chatting with our technical representative or send us your questions in an email. We will give professional recommendations in accordance with your requirements.