Top 10 Email Marketing Campaign Practices


Email marketing is absolutely the most functional and affordable tool to draw people’s attention and push them to learn more about your business and products. More than just sending promotion emails to current customers, email marketing also helps convert the potential customers into new customers even the promoters of your business.

To get the best effect, email marketing needs to be well designed and planned. Before distributing your marketing emails, please stop for a moment and read the suggestion we provide in this article. We prepare 10 tips for you.

1. Attractive Subject Line

Attractive subject line can immensely improve the click rate of your emails. Once subscribers receive email, they may spend only several seconds on glancing at the subject and deciding if they want to open it or not. So, for the words of subject line, try to avoid empty, vapidity, or lengthiness but be full of attraction and essential contents.

For example, ‘join in our promotion shopping’, from which, we cannot get any valued information and it will be probably regarded as junk mail; Or ‘XX company/ shopping mall XX promotion in December at XX in which you will see XX’, in this ‘sentence’, we will get many details while it is too long and people will lose patience to read on. While, subject line with strong and useful message such as ‘20% Discount for All Orders’, will be more clear and attractive for people to open the email.

2. Appropriate Sending Time

Sending time is also another key to increase click rate. Actually, there is only most appropriate sending time instead of the best exact sending time. According to habits of most people, you must avoid the busiest time in working; imagine that, when you are absorbed in your rush work, several marketing emails break into your email box, you will not have time to check it , and later maybe you will forget to find out them again. Therefore, Monday is not a good option since people will spend much time on their work plan for the next whole week and they even have no time to check the marketing emails.

Also, do not send email in weekend since no people are willing to be bothered when they are enjoying their rest time and it might to make bad impression if they are interrupted by marketing emails.

3. Keep Concise Email Contents

In any occasion, the expression should be as concise as possible. Once you set the target in the email marketing, you must aim to it and all the contents should serve it. Keep the core of your target in the email contents; try to use correct key words and avoid any unnecessary information.

For example, if your email marketing is for promoting your shared hosting service and the target is increasing sales volume, the contents should be about the server performance, hardware and software systems, price, customer service and technical supports instead of the background of hosting service or introduction of your companies. Remember, catch the emphasis and put away other tedious information. Subscribers do not want to read a long story in emails.

4.Keep Clear And Personalized

Once your emails are defined as the same machine-made emails as those from any other companies, it is possible that they will be ignored time and again. However, if your emails are special, personalized and with the communication tone, it will be much more acceptable since subscribers may pay more attention on it and read the following contents in patience .Besides, if the contents are too vague, no one can understand what you mean.

Without doubt, we are selling with much sales intentions. But it is very dangerous for your company’s reputation when subscribers feel bored with your salesy words since they may classify your emails into junk if you do not use appropriate and politic sales strategies. So we should be respectful and play it by ear to avoid this kind of damage.

5. Don’t Forget Mobile Users

Along with the strong function and convenience of mobile devices, more and more people will check emails in mobile devices. One of the study shows that more than half of the open rates are from mobile devices.

Sometimes, there will be bug or limitation in mobile devices so that users cannot have access to the link or pictures even the websites. Make sure the links can be reached and give response in a fast speed as well as keep the loading time shorter. Generally, do not ignore the mobile users and keep them same as pc.

6. Keep In Touch with Current Customers

The frequency of emails sending sometimes decides the position of your companies in customers’ mind. If you send the emails once a month even long, your customers will forget your companies and it’s hard to restart the relationship. And after a long time, when suddenly receive your emails, they may think they are junk emails.

My suggestion is that the frequency should be moderate that once a week or less is suitable.

7.Send a Test to Yourself

To ensure no risk at all, before launching the campaign, you can send the test emails to your team or yourself and check if there are still any errors needed to be amended or improved. Be as a ‘cunning’ customer and read your emails marketing carefully to find if you are satisfied with it and if there are any problems in this emails.

In the test process, you may find that your link cannot be reached, or the email cannot be opened within your expected time…all of these are very small details but will cause badly influence. So, this is also an essential step.

8. Email List Resources

Some companies will get the email list through advertisements in their own websites. This is the most common way. However, to cut corners, some companies will buy email list resources. This method will cause terrible results mainly including blacklists and junk emails.

If the email list you can buy in market, which means these receivers have been harassed by many other companies’ emails; and once your emails get into their inbox, they will complain then your accounts will be blocked.

Additionally, the subscribers in the email list unexpectedly receive your emails, they will just regard them as junk mails since they never subscribe from you and do not know who you are.

9.Sharing Strategy

‘Share’ button appears in emails and social media normally, people can share the contents they would like to. This is also a good option to increase potential customers.
But not all of subscribers will share it without any feedbacks so that you must engage them by some impetus or incentives.

The most popular and practical incentives is discount and promote code. If subscribers share the appointed contents, they can get the discount when order your products.
By this way, you can increase the sales volumes and get free advertisements and popularization.

Of course, if you are confident enough that customers will share with nothing offer, you can also just make your emails content as interesting and attractive as possible.

10. Analyze Results

The last but very important point is to analyze the email marketing results and find out where and how to improve it. For the whole process of email marketing, we only have one target-increasing customer, which includes getting more potential customers based on keeping current customers. Hence, according to the standard of customer number, we need to summarize and analyze which strategy can bring more feedback and which method is unsatisfactory.

Try to review and get some information from open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, unsubscribes. Once find out the problems, you need to pay high attention to them and lay down an amendment to remedy.

Email marketing is a protracted war; to get the best effect, we still have many things to do. Except above 10 tips, we will provide you more tutorials about email marketing in our website