Best nopCommerce Theme Powering Thousands of nopCommerce Sites


With numerous nopCommerce themes offered by nopCommerce team and 3rd part providers, people find it is hard to choose the best nopCommerce theme.

To save your time and efforts, we have reviewed a great deal of nopCommerce themes and picked out the following themes. Now, proceed to learn them and choose the one suiting your site most.

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Nop Tiffany Theme

  • Supported Versions: nopCommerce 3.40 – nopCommerce 3.50

Nop Tiffany Theme is one of the most popular themes, which is designed by It includes 3 color presets and the support of multi-store. What’s more, advanced meta data management is included in this beautiful theme as well as many customization options that allow webmasters to manage from the administration.
best nopcommerce theme nop tiffany theme


  • Supported Versions: nopCommerce 3.50

NopRoyal is a clean, professional and responsive nopCommerce theme. It is powered by Bootstrap and fully supports all the modern platforms. With out-of-box, this theme offers you products quick views with no need of any plugin. It also provides mouse-over image zooming function in the product detail pages.
best nopcommerce theme noproyal

Furniture Responsive Theme

  • Supported Versions: nopCommerce 2.80 – nopCommerce 3.50

This theme is specially designed for furniture eCommerce websites, which is obvious shown in its name. It includes Responsive Design which offers an optimal viewing experience by making the panning, resizing and scrolling minimum. In addition, it provides lifelong free upgrades after the purchase.
best nopcommerce theme furniture responsive theme

Clothes Responsive Theme

  • Supported Versions: nopCommerce 3.00 – nopCommerce 3.50

Clothes Responsive Theme is a clothing theme designed by nopCommerce team. It is suitable for online fashion, clothes, lingerie, footwear and perfume stores. Dropdown CSS menu, sliders, etc. are all included in this theme. You are able to using it to make your online store in a clean reserved color scheme with focus on product display.
best nopcommerce theme clothes responsive theme

Computer Responsive Theme

  • Supported Versions: nopCommerce 2.80 – nopCommerce 3.50

You can use this computer theme for your online computer, electronics, mobile phone and digital appliance stores. This theme supports any language and is fully localizable. Source codes, PSD designs and sample data are all included in the theme folder.
best nopcommerce theme computer responsive theme


  • Supported Versions: nopCommerce 3.40 – nopCommerce 3.50

NopMarket is a responsive nopCommerce theme that is developed by using Bootstrap v3.1.1 framework. It supports all range of tablets, browsers and mobile devices with different resolutions, saving you a lot of efforts and costs. Moreover, NopMarket offers product quick view feature out-of-the-box. With this feature, a modal popup of product details page will be launched when triggered.
best nopcommerce theme nopmarket


  • Supported Versions:  nopCommerce 3.50

NopCrafts is an artistic and vintage design suitable for crafts or designer products. It offers interactive image zooming function on product details page. You can hover on the product image to view a zoomed-in version and this effect doesn’t need any plugin. In addition, NopCrafts offers an all-new slide-out mini shopping cart working on desktops, phones and tablets.
best nopcommerce theme nopcrafts

Theme 4Jewelry

  • Supported Versions: nopCommerce 3.40 – nopCommerce 3.50

Theme 4Jewelry is a modern and elegant theme designed by It is suitable for jewelry, fashion and cosmetic stores and offers you a great view no matter what device you use. Meanwhile, all major browsers have been tested working well with this theme and the coding of it is in CSS 3 and HTML5.
best nopcommerce theme theme 4jewelry

Wedding Responsive theme

  • Supported Versions: nopCommerce 2.80 – nopCommerce 3.50

Another hot theme provided by nopCommerce team that makes your site tender and innocent like a young fiancée. It suits wedding, jewelry and fashion stores and makes you site the best place to prepare for the important moments of life. In addition, this theme is completely compatible with major browsers and fully responsive.
best nopcommerce theme wedding responsive theme


  • Supported Versions: nopCommerce 3.30 – nopCommerce 3.50

NopStyle is a clean and elegant theme featured with responsive design and suitable for fashion, flower, jewelry and furniture online stores. It offers 6 different color schemes to match different stores’ branding and design. All colors are included in a single purchase. Furthermore, this theme is friendly with most popular social media, including Twitter, Facebook and Google+. In this way, social media sites are able to get the correct product description, image and URL.

best nopcommerce theme nopstyle