How to Find Best Keywords for Your ASP.NET Website?

To promote your ASP.NET website and let people know its advantages, attractive content plays a significant role. And excellent keywords can increase the website visibility to search engines if you use them properly. So, inserting proper keywords in the contents is crucial to drive targeted web traffic to your ASP.NET website and skyrocket your business to sales success online.
Take Host4ASP.NET as an example, in the web and blog pages, we can see some specialized words about ASP.NET such as .NET framework, MVC, Microsoft’s SPLA Program as well as features of ASP.NET web hosting packages such as PHP, Silverlight, SQL Server. All of these keywords were selected critically and used formally in the contents of website. But how to choose these keywords to make visitors can search out rapidly through search engines or browsers? This article will introduce some strategic solutions to pick good and decisive keywords for your ASP.NET websites.

What is Keywords?

Whenever you express in written including news, magazines, advertisements, blog etc., expecting readers can catch what you want to express quickly, keywords can always generalize and stand out the emphasis to make the contents more concise and easier to understand. For instance, as an ASP.NET hosting blog site, the keywords should contain .NET framework, MVC, Windows OS, Microsoft and so on, which can provide visitors clear information as much as possible.
What’s more, good keywords also can increase your website ranking in search engine results page among countless competitors. The more competitive your keywords are, the more attractive the contents will be. So, if you want your contents to boost your search engine traffic, you should try to find the best keywords used by fewer competitions.
On the contrary, using wrong keywords will make readers and visitors miss your contents just like the logo of hardware store is something about fruits. Then the result is no hardware buyers can find your products. Generally, keywords decide if your contents can be search accurately and quickly in Internet. If there is always java, C# in your contents but without any words about ASP.NET, the target visitors will never find your ASP.NET hosting blog site.

How to Choose Better Keywords for ASP.NET Website?

In the developing Internet market, there are more and more methods to help you pick the appropriate keywords as well as increase traffic for your websites.

1. Keyword Research Tool

Usually, figuring out some keywords for your websites is not so complex if you are experienced enough about running an ASP.NET website online. However, it is far insufficient and not so comprehensive. Keyword research tool is developed to help you intuitively find out much more exact keywords which are more authoritative and credible.
Google Keyword Planner    This is one of the most popular research tools. Chrome now becomes the biggest browser all over the world and most of the rankings are listed according to the search volume so that many keywords from different languages and countries can be searched there. In Google Keyword Planner, you can find out more representative keywords via input questions, websites, and classifications.
Keywordspy    In this website, we can find not only the keywords but also same kind websites or bands. Besides, there are references of Keyword density and relevance as well as CPC, PPC.

2. People’s Questions

As an ASP.NET website owner, you need to consider what keywords your targeted customers are mostly likely to use when they want to find some useful information related to your website content or the products you’re selling.
Take the content website that aims to provide .NET framework web designers, developers or webmasters the most authoritative opinions, the website includes keywords like Top 10 ASP.NET Hosting, ASP.NET Hosting Coupons, ASP.NET MVC, etc. to narrowdown readers and give them the most helpful answers.
Additionally, you can find some more questions about these topics and all these words in these questions can become one of the options of your keywords. So, if you have no such kind of expertise, just be a visitor or questioner, search in browsers about your contents and see what keywords others are using.

3. Keyword Difficulty

Usually, the difficulty of a keyword will also influence the rankings since sometimes we are not so experienced to know which keyword should be more appropriate according to its difficulty level and which one will be used universally even it has the similar meaning with others. We all know that some providers will put advertisements in Google or other browsers and theses ads are charged different prices that one of the aspects is volume of keywords-lick. Hence, if you want to know which keyword will be searched more by people, you can see how much you will pay for this keyword in your advertisements.
So, if you have already prepared your contents, before publishing, you can filter firstly by yourself as bellow:
 Move out those you also think will not be searched.
 Filter out some difficult keywords and rank them according to the statistics of keywords tool.
 Choose the last several keywords of your listings.
In conclusion, to increase the SEO rankings for your ASP.NET website, excellent keywords are very useful. No matter you prefer to choose keywords by your own experience or depend on keywords search tool, hope above suggestion is helpful.


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