Why You Need Domain Privacy?


When registering a domain name, you should disclose some individual information, such as your name, phone number, address, email, and so on. The private information is restored in a public database, called WHOIS, and can be viewed by anyone, including some criminals who intend to make use of it to do something illegal. Thus, to avoid information leak, you need domain privacy.

Why Domain Privacy

why you need domain privacyDomain privacy is a kind of service offered by domain name registers that can keep your registered information from leaking. If planning to register a domain name, you need to provide your actual contact information to ICANN, the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, which is a corporation to control the use of domain names. Note that, you are not allowed to use the fake info which can directly cause the domain name being log off.

After offering the personal information to ICANN, all people can view your information through the WHOIS service. Thus, you are likely to suffer from telephone fraud, identity theft, email spam, and much more. As a result, it is necessary to have domain privacy to prevent your personal information from leaking.

Domain WHOIS Privacy Services

Due to the ICANN rules which allow the domain owners’ personal information to be viewed by anyone via WHOIS, many web hosts provide the WHOIS Privacy Services to offer proxy registered information. Your actual information is substituted by the proxy contact information, and the genuine info cannot be displayed on the Internet.

why you need domain privacyWith WHOIS Privacy Services, people are not able to acquire your actual information through WHOIS, so that there is no need to worry about someone can steal the info to hurt your interests. Before registering the domain name, you should consider whether the web host provides you with the WHOIS Privacy Services.

How to Get Domain Privacy?

According to the introduction above, domain privacy is an important that can help you securely develop the website. Thus, you should take the domain privacy into consideration when registering a domain name.

In addition, you also need to choose a reliable web host that can offer privacy policy to protect your personal information and guarantee the website security, like Bisend.com, which provides domain name registration at $12.95 per year and also offer the domain privacy service at only $1/mo.