How to Start a Website?


How to create a website? Many beginners ask this question when they plan to start a website. If you have no idea, just follow the guide below, which helps build you own website step by step.

Get a Domain Name

start a websiteDomain is an identity of a website, which allows visitors around the world browse your website through it. Therefore, choosing a good domain name is critically important. A good domain name should be short, catchy, and explains what the website offers to visitors, but not be too long or too confusing.
Many top level domain names are available to webmasters, and the list below introduces some popular domain names.

  • .com – it is the most popular domain extension in commercial business.
  • .net – it is widely used in education.
  • .org – it is commonly used by government.

Choose a Web Host

Web host refers to a company which offers you a web hosting service to make your website accessible via World Wide Web. Meanwhile, the web host also provides data center and connectivity to the Internet for other servers. If you are looking for a reliable web host, can be a good option for you. provides professional web hosting services for individuals and business. In, you can get the latest Microsoft ASP.NET Hosting edition, including Windows Server 2012 with IIS 8 which supports ASP.NET and PHP applications, such as DotNetNuke, BlogEngine, WordPress, etc. For more information, please go to

Design Your Website

start a websiteBuilding a great website seems a challenge to you, but as long as you are familiar with the following tips, the process can be simple and enjoyable.

  • Design Basics – To make your website attractive and clear, the elements of design should be taken into consideration. You need to explore the space and layout, manage fonts and color, and put it all together in a format.
  • HTML – it is a core technology for web pages, which makes information possibly be presented on the Internet, and what you see on website is the browser’s interpretation of HTML. A basic knowledge of HTML can make the process of designing a website become easier.
  • CSS – it is as important as HTML, which helps you control how pages are displayed and change the site’s look easily.
  • Web Page Editors – a good editor can help you learn design, HTML and CSS.

Upload Your Website

You can upload the website with via hosting service or FTP clients. You can contact the web hosting provider what you should do to upload website. Besides, you can utilize FTP (File Transferred Protocol) to complete the progress. FTP is a standard network protocol used to move digital files from one computer to another on the Internet, which helps get web pages to the web server so that the pages can be seen by visitors.

Promote Your Website

start a websiteThe most common way to promote a website is through search engine optimization. By optimizing the keywords, titles, descriptions, content and others, you can easily make the web content rank higher in search engines. And there are some other ways to promote your website, such as word of mouth, email and advertising.

Maintain Your Website

In order to keep the website running smoothly, you require maintaining it regularly. Visitors are willing to browse a website which works with a broken link. So you should keep the content fresh and never take it off line.  Tracking the feedbacks of visitors is a valid way to analyze what they want from your website.


As long as you follow the tips above, launching a website can be a simple progress. This guide can help you start an excellent website, attract a large number of visitors,  and acquire more benefits.